Health Benefits of Barley, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Barley can help you to fight various diseases like Digestive System Disorders, Fevers, Urinary Disorders. Read the following passages about Barley advantages and find Barley effects on your body-

Barley advantages are numerous. Following is the list of benefits which Barley gives you. The following paragraph focuses on Barley health benefits.

Barley – Health Benefits

1. Benefits of Barley in Digestive System Disorders or Treatment of Digestive System Disorders with Barley- The pearl barley has always been used by orient traditional physicians for the healing and the rejuvenation of the digestive system. A simple, yet effective folk remedy was to make barley brew and sip throughout the day while restricting intake of other foods. This folk remedy has helped many people even to this day. The barely brew is prepared by boiling a one-quarter cup of all-natural pearled barley in about 2.5 litres of water. When the water has boiled down to about 1.25 litres, it should be strained carefully. This all-natural barley brew helps digestive rejuvenation in two ways. It has a demulcent or soothing response and relieves the burning digestive actions. It has also a mucilaginous response and introduces a natural oily substance which helps to protect the abraded mucous membrane of the digestive system. Once the digestive system is thus soothed and healed, it can promote better assimilation of foods.

2. Benefits of Barley in Fevers or Treatment of Fever with Barley- Barley is also useful in fevers and all inflammatory conditions on account of its soothing properties.

3. Benefits of Barley in Urinary Disorders or Treatment of Urinary Disorders with Barley- Barley gruel with buttermilk and lime juice is an excellent diuretic carbohydrate food. It is highly beneficial in the treatment of urinary disorders like nephritis and cystitis.

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